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Sonny and Micky hunt for the treasure!

Previously in the Sonny the Seagull stories…

Micky calmed him down. “Look, I have a friend who’s very old and she might be able to help us.” “Really?” said Sonny excited again. “Who is it?”

“My Grandma” said Micky. She knows a lot about about old maps like this. So Sonny and Micky flew eagerly to find Micky’s Grandma. When they got there, she studied the map for about 2 minutes, then started to draw a new map with today’s coastline.

Micky’s Grandma knew the coastline inside out, she’d lived here her whole life. When she’d finished drawing the new map she then drew a big red X on where she thought the treasure should be. “There you go boys” said Micky’s Grandma all pleased that she could help the excited friends. “But it’s getting late in the day now for treasure hunting, so I’d get some sleep if I were you and then you can set off early on your treasure hunt.”

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Sonny and Micky go off in search of treasure!

Sonny and Micky agreed. Impatiently they flew off to their nests and watched the sun go down then they shut their eyes.

When Sonny woke up, he flew quietly, not to disturb the other seagulls, down onto the smooth pebbles. He waited for at least an hour before ‘late sleeper’ Micky arrived. “Where have you been?” said Sonny “I’ve been waiting for AGES!” he went on, a little annoyed now. Micky, still dreary eyed replied with “Sorry, I’m such a late sleeper.”

Sonny ignored this and flew out to sea, following the map. Micky followed quickly, “hang on Sonny wait for meeee!”

As they were flying though Sonny realised that he didn’t recognise where they were on the map. They were lost! He couldn’t see the island where the treasure was supposed to be buried, so they stopped for a break and floated on the sea. “This map is lying” said Sonny sighing. Micky nodded but then a thought sprang into his head. “What if the treasure was in France?” Sonny gasped and suddenly looked around and saw two massive islands. But which one was France and which one was Britain? Sonny couldn’t remember, but before he could even ask, Micky was off like a shot towards what he thought was France.

Sonny flapped frantically about but caught up in no time. They perched on a big rock in France and Sonny checked the map again. “Apparently the treasure is here?” said Sonny. He looked below and saw a big crack in the rocks, it was just big enough for him to fit through. He squeezed through it and saw something shiny. He went a little deeper until eventually he saw a large, blue, transparent gem, set in a gold border and in the shape of an oval! “Squawk squawkkk!”

Sonny’s eyes widened and his throat went dry. Could it be? The ‘Core of the Sea?’ Sonny made his way back up to Micky and showed him.

Micky fluttered about like a butterfly on sugar rush. “What is it?” asked Sonny “…is it the Core of the Sea?” Micky’s eyes widened, “No, it’s…-”

Find out in the next issue!

Written by Lewis Hallam.
“Levelled up” storyteller.

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