Trick or Treat

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Trick or Treat means it’s nearly Halloween!

SWAN! Again! He hadn’t seen that sneaky swan for years and there it was, looking down at him, but what the swan didn’t realise was that Sonny was much bigger now and just had to squawk to spook the swan, the swan finally realising that he didn’t stand a chance, flew off in
a flash. It’s almost time for Trick or Treat he thought.

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Trick or Treat is popular with children at Halloween

Skittering across the stones, Sonny now looked very happy and strutted back to his nest. Only to find a note…

It read:

Sonny, come meet me by the Hastings cliffs, I need your help, Ricky.

Wow, what is it this time, treasure, chips, fossils, trick-or-treating! Sonny would be happy with any of those… He flew over there like a magnet to steel to find Ricky sitting on a rock staring at the sea. “Ricky, are you OK?” asked Sonny curiously “no, I’ve lost my trick or treat bag down there for Halloween in that crack in the rocks. I can’t find it, it may have fallen quite far.” he explained.

“I can try and get it”, said Sonny with perseverance. “Really,” said Ricky, “you would,”

“Yeah” Sonny reassured Ricky “it’ll be fine.” (As if…) Sonny could see it but couldn’t get the bag of chocolates, truffles, sweets… Sonny’s mouth watered, with the water splashing and the pebbles moving it was tricky for Sonny to even get close. He got onto the lowest part of the rock and reached in. The waves moved it though and made it harder for Sonny to get to it. He scrambled onto the seaweed infested rocks and poked it with a piece of light driftwood. He tries to hook it but the plastic was too slippery. Maybe he should try another approach on this. Ricky shouted “don’t worry about it if you can’t get it!” Sonny replied “no I will do this.”

Sonny waited for the waves to die down then slipped in the crack between the rocks, grabbed it and… Sonny was stuck! Again. The waves had moved the rocks and the gap was now too small to fit out of. “Oh no!” With the waves coming in quicker now, Sonny started to panic. Where was Ricky? “Ricky! Ricky!” he called out but his squawks and calls were drowned out by the crashing of the waves. Sonny waited until the waves were quiet again, the called out “RICKY!” Ricky heard this time and glided gently over to the rocks. He could see Sonny but only his bright yellow beak. How did he get in there he thought, and then realised Sonny was stuck. On no indeed thought Ricky, how will Sonny escape? Will he get to do any trick or treating… Find out in next month’s story.

Written by Lewis Hallam.
Levelled up storyteller.

Did you know…

The Trick or Treat custom has been around since 1951 in the USA, in 1952 Walt Disney created a cartoon with Donald Duck called “Trick or Treat”.

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