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Was this the end of Sonny the Seagull?

The story continues…

“Take cover!” Shouted the J-Birds (Jimmy and Jerry) everyone’s faces were panic-stricken and were squawking around. They tried to get through to them but nothing happened. Sonny, didn’t hear. He was in a world of the past. Humming a local song along down the beach out of sight. No-one noticed. The next thing he knew, four big stones were tumbling down on top of him. Sonny screamed a high-pitched squawk as the humongous rocks came tumbling onto him Sonny fell to the floor with terror, and passed out. Was this the end of Sonny the Seagull?

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The cliff was eroding!

When he awoke all was dark. An eerie sensation swirled around his head. Was he dead? Then his eyes adjusted in the darkness. He felt around. He could feel hard rock had surrounded him. Trapped. He called a cry of help but no-one came. Typical Sonny had wandered off by himself again. And look what happened. He could here the humans shrieking outside. Why had he been so stupid? The cold made it worse. Usual November day. Freezing your feathers off! He tried clawing with his feet at the rock. He tried digging in the sand but it was no use. He even tried throwing stones at the wall! It usually bounced back and hit him on the head. Regrettably, he slumped down on the cold sand and sighed.

His heart was throbbing. It seemed as if it had climbed into his throat. But then, something moved. Somebody was trying to free him, Sonny filled up with joy and hope! But then it went quiet and it felt like hours had passed. Or days. Sonny had lost track of time. The moving was some loose stones falling off the cliff. There it was again. A scratching sound. Sonny had given up. He was laying, cradling his precious fossils and checking himself in case he’d broken something and need medical help. The scratching didn’t stop. Then a beam of light shone through the ‘cave’ and blinded his eyes. He squinted. “Ricky?” He said inquisitively. No it was smaller than him, “Sally, Brian?” No. Who was this saviour of Sonny’s?

Find out in the next story…

Written by, Lewis Hallam.
Budding Storyteller

Did you know?

Cliff erosion is caused by the strength of waves from the sea crashing into them and it can also be caused by strong winds.

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