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10 Tips for Gardening in Winter

With the shorter and darker days our gardens aren’t really an enticing place to be are they.

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However I’ve been reading that with a little bit of planning now, you can get your garden ready for next year. So here are 10 tips to help you prepare:

1. Clean up all of your pots and seed trays, removing all of the dead foliage, debris and rust. Get all of your tools together and give them a good clean up too and remove all the built up dirt and rust.

2. With the wetter Winter weather the lawn
really needs to be left alone and free from being walked on, apart from removing weeds and leaves.

3. Give your shed and greenhouse a good clear out and a clean. Organise your clean and tidy tools, pots and seed trays.

4. Check the strength of your shed, gates, fences for signs of rot and weaknesses, they may need repairing in case of strong winds.

5. Cover up any root vegetables that you may have growing, especially if we’re in for a snowy Winter. Use an old blanket to protect them.

6. Take off all dead heads from the Autumn flowering plants and cut back the Spring and Summer flowering ones before the frost kicks in.

7. Compost! This is a great time to start composting, with all of the fallen dead leaves and your cuttings to be disposed of. If you’re already composting, give it a good stir to help it along.

8. Put out food so that the local wildlife can survive through the Winter. This encourages birds, hedgehogs and frogs and in return they should eat some of the garden pests next year.

9. Have a look online or read up on what you’d like to grow next year, plan your
garden and gardening budget in advance.

10. Make sure that your clothing is up to scratch, you’ve looked after your tools so now it’s time to look after YOU eg. gloves, knee pads, trousers, shoes etc.

Written by Samantha Hallam.

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