The Northern Frights

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Who was this huge, scary creature?

The bird was not done… As it turned around and looked at Sonny it let out a massive CAW-CAW!!! Sonny was frightened by this monstrous beast.

As if one beast was enough for today. The bird swooped, dived and landed, quite gracefully actually.

“Hello there laddy. I’m Buzz. I come from a wee island in the sea. What’s your name?”

“Ummmm… Sonny” he replied, his knees were shaking.

The birds’ wings were two times bigger than his! Its’ brown feathers sparkled in the sun. He seemed friendly but Sonny couldn’t be hasty.
He had seen a lot of birds of all shapes and sizes, but this one was humungous! For Sonny this was terrifying because this huge bird could gobble him up! One of Brian’s stories mentioned a large bird with a wingspan of over a metre and here it was standing right in front of him!

the northern frights, sonny the seagull stories, buzzards, buzz the buzzard, february sonny the seagull story, northern frightsThe biggest thing a seagull ever ate (probably) was a rabbit, and that’s surprising. This creature (according to Brian’s stories) could eat reptiles, amphibians, rodents and even birds. With that on his mind Sonny took off in a flash and flapped his little feathery wings as much as he could. No giant bird would be eating him today!

As he looked back Buzz was sitting down on a rock watching him leave, studying him and how fast he could fly. Some strong feeling in his gut made Sonny want to turn around and go back to the cliff and give the large bird a chance, after all he did introduce himself. But another feeling told him that he should keep going. He looked back and could still see the huge bird on the cliff, but he continued flying. ‘Another day my friend’ thought Sonny.

Eventually when he arrived back home, there was a note waiting for him in his nest. It read:

“Hi Sonny I don’t know if you remember me, I used to be in your flock when we was little. You kind of fell of a cliff when we were training to fly. In fact you used to do that a lot. Anyway, it would be nice to see you again soon… hopefully. From Sally.”

Sonny’s feathers bristled in the cold wind and the note was wet with rain. There was no nest address or any way of knowing where she was. Just this lovely note. Sonny settled down to sleep thinking of the days when he was at flight school with Sally. She was a good friend. He was worried about Buzz coming back as well. But as he lay wrapped up in his stick nest he soon drifted off into his world of dreams.

The next morning Sonny woke with a start. Something was tapping him on the shoulder. He looked up and the sun shone in his eyes. “Hey there!” said a squawky voice.

The ground was filled with a huge shadow…

Was it Sally? Or Buzz… find out in the next story.

Written by Lewis Hallam
Levelled up storyteller

Did you know?

Buzzards can see their prey from way up high in the sky. They have very good eyesight.

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