The Flight into Danger

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Should Sonny trust Buzz or not?…

There on the grey rock stood Buzz. Looming over Sonny now cowering with fear. “Hey there! I brought you some worms, thought you might be hungry.” Sonny took a cautious bite. “Um thanks…”

Buzz stepped back to give the young seagull some time to devour his breakfast. Maybe Buzz was nice after all. Sonny felt bad for leaving him on the cliff last time. Buzz said “Do you want to come and see my flock, there’s someone who I’d like you to meet.” Sonny thought, thought and thought a bit more and finally “okay I’ll come.” He was nervous but sure of himself. This giant was not so menacing after all. Sonny flew and flew and flew. They stopped at an old tree to rest for the night. Sonny couldn’t sleep. The tall grass and the crickets kept him awake. The grass jittering every now and then and the wood pigeon singing its song. “Could you keep it down up there please!” The wood pigeon replied “Sorry!” About 10 minutes later he started again. Sonny had had enough. He built a quick grass nest and used some mushrooms as earplugs. Then he slept heavily. He woke up to be alone in the fog. The dew had settled on the grass nest and Buzz was gone.

‘Traitor!’ thought Sonny. He got up, ate a worm and launched into the sky.


“Home” said Sonny.

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The clear water gleamed in the spring and the tulips shone like a rainbow, “this is beautiful!” said Sonny. He flew with Buzz for another hour or two and then they came to a massive tree.

“Here we are!” exclaimed Buzz.

“Wow!! said Sonny “this is truly spectacular!”

“Here! there’s someone who I’d like you to meet.” Out from the hole in the tree walked Sally. Sonny flew over and greeted her while Buzz flew off somewhere. Sally showed Sonny where she was staying and they sat and chatted. “I got your note Sally.”

She whispered, “Yeah Buzz made me write it to lure you in, then he said he would eat us!” “Why didn’t you escape though?”

“He said I could see you so I stayed. Now let’s escape before we become dinner!”

But they were too late because all of a sudden a large rock was placed at the doorway and Buzz said “Foolish gulls your staying for dinner, oh wait… you are dinner!”

Buzz and the other buzzards cackled and caw-cawed. How will they escape?

You’ll have to wait until next month’s story…

Written by Lewis Hallam
Levelled up storyteller

Did you know?

IMPORTANT! Don’t wander off. You must never talk to strangers, be safe, stay with your parent or guardian.

Here is a very useful website offering tips and advice for parents and schools for keeping our children safe. It’s called ‘Clever Never Goes!’ and was featured on the BBC World Hacks programme. ‘Clever Never Goes!’ is a campaign by Action Against Abduction – a UK charity that works to protect children from the threat of abduction, UK registered Charity No. 1081904.

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