The Dark Hero

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Sonny’s first flying lesson wasn’t what he expected

He didn’t mean to do it. He had been very naughty and wandered off along the cliff edge to eat the chip. Only problem is, is now that he’d eaten the chip he was now lost and he couldn’t see his parents anywhere. Surely they’d come and find him in a minute he thought.

The second he hesitated to ponder on his situation his foot slipped on the rock and he started to fall! Off the cliff! He squawked loudly to call for help, but his squawks were muffled by the strong coastal winds. He was now halfway down the cliffside plummeting to a very early end! He flapped and flailed his fluffy wings but they were too small to let him fly. When suddenly out of nowhere a large black bird swooped down and clutched Sonny his clawed feet! His beak was big and black and so were his feathers, even his tail feathers. He was as black as coal. What kind of bird was this Sonny thought.

The kind black bird released Sonny and gently placed him down onto the cliff’s edge, then stood beside him with his wing shielding his fluffy feathers from the cold. “Ello, ello who do we ‘ave here then?”asked the dark hero. “Erm m-my n-name’s Sonny” replied a very shaken little chick. “Well that was close wasn’t it?” said his rescuer. “The name’s Ricky, Ricky the Raven.” Sonny looked at the raven, still in shock from his fall. He was a big, burly bird standing in front of him. “So?” asked Ricky, “where’s your parents then?” He said tipping his head to oneside inquisitively while studying the little chick. “They’re up there… on the c-c-cliff” said Sonny still shaking with fear. He was afraid of Ricky, he’d never seen a raven before and as Ricky went on with his questions Sonny started to creep away, slowly and carefully, one foot at a time. “I can take you back to your parents if you wish little one?” said the kind hero. But Sonny shivered at the thought of it, he’d had enough flying lessons for one day and he gently replied, “n-no thank you, I’ll be fine.” Ricky knew he was afraid and gave him another chance, “are you sure?” Sonny looked up with his big eyes and said quickly “yes 100% sure thank you.” Ricky looked at him and replied “Okay then kiddo, I’ll see you around” and he took off soaring once more into the sky. Phew! thought Sonny, that was scary and all for a big fat chip!

Sonny turned to look around him and as he stood there he saw a white figure approach him. It was RONNIE! Sonny’s Dad! At long last he thought. “Daddy!” Sonny cried. “Where have you been?!” exclaimed Ronnie. “Your Mother and I have been worried sick! We’ve been looking for you everywhere!” “Woops” said Sonny looking very sorry for himself. “Come on, now let’s get back to Mummy” and ever so slowly they made their way back along the dangerous cliff edge. “What happened to you?” asked Ronnie. But Sonny didn’t answer. So Ronnie turned around to ask Sonny again and as he did he soon discovered that he was alone. Sonny had disappeared… “OH NO!! NOT AGAIN!” squawked Ronnie.

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Raven – The Dark Hero

Did you know?

Ravens are one of the smartest birds on the planet!

Written by Lewis Hallam.
Budding Storyteller

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