The Daring Escape

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Sonny and Sally were trapped in the tree.

A large rock was blocking their path to escape. Sonny tried to prize the rock away from the hole but it was fully wedged in tight and it was just too heavy.

The only light was from a small hole in the bark at the back of the tree. Sonny turned to Sally for inspiration, she was always so clever at training school. “Sonny, look if we can peck away at this hole we might be able to get out of here.” He whispered, “good idea Sally”, so they pecked away at the hole with their beaks and loosened some of the bark.

Luckily the bark was old and rotten anyway so it was pretty easy to carve out an exit. It took a while but time was running out and Buzz was already starting to pull the rock away to prepare them for their dinner.

Sonny could just about fit through the hole. He squeezed and pushed with his feet until a large chunk of bark came away and Sonny and Sally flew away, wing to wing, as fast as they could flap their silky wings.

However the buzzards were not the kind of birds to give up. Their whole flock turned and followed after Buzz, at least 10 or more hungry buzzards flapping and caw-cawing. Luckily buzzards were fairly slow so Sonny and Sally soon out-flew them with their speedy flying skills.

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Sonny and Sally make their daring escape

After flying for a long time to get a safe distance between them and the threat of the hungry buzzards the two friends were now feeling ravenous themselves.

But there were no worms or chips in the countryside and they were far from home.

Sonny had left his map of Hastings and Bexhill at his nest and they were lost. So when they looked down and saw a river they decided to follow it. “All rivers lead to the sea, right?” Sonny asked questioningly.

“Yes I think so…” Sally was really hungry now and looked really thin. Sonny said “we will stop here and find some food.” Sally stayed in the tall grass and hid from any predators. Sonny needed food as well so he would have to find two of everything. Sonny looked EVERYWHERE but there was nothing at all, even after stomping the ground, still no worms came up. He found a few nuts unearthed by other birds but they were too small to carry, so he finally went back to the river to find Sally, but to his surprise, she was gone… “Oh no… Sally?.. SALLY!!” he looked around but couldn’t see her. Had they found us? he thought. Where was she? Sonny was worried and sad. He squawked loudly again but there was no answer.

Find out what’s happens in next month’s story…

Written by Lewis Hallam
Levelled up storyteller

Did you know?

Rivers can flow down mountains, through valleys or along plains; all flow in a channel to the sea.

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