The Beast of the Sea

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Is there a seal actually sunbathing?

Robin! He looked very scared, he was cowering behind a rock on the cliff. Sonny flew over as the unaware Mickey flew home.

“What’s wrong?” asked Sonny curiously.

“I saw, I saw-…”

“What?” questioned Sonny.

“A BEAST! He said it was massive, grey and black and it had… Flippers!”

“Penguin?” asked Sonny.

“No it wasn’t a bird. It was laying on the side with its flipper in the air, it appeared to be sunbathing!”

“Where was it?” Sonny was becoming more and more intrigued by this conversation and wanted to go and find it. “It was down there in the sandy area. I’ve never seen anything like it.” Sonny could see something moving in the water, then suddenly a small grey head popped out and then it swam to the shore. It flopped itself onto the beach and laid there, taking in the sun.

The group of reporters who were still moaning about getting pooped on stopped talking, rushed over to the scene and began taking pictures. They started talking about the creature in amazement and smiling at one another.

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Sonny flew over and listened. “This is a rare creature to wash up on the shore” said one.

“Is that seal actually sunbathing?”

Seal thought Sonny, he flew back over to Robin and told him it was a seal and that it was rare to see one on the shore of Hastings.

A large group of people had gathered around the seal and were learning about it. Then the seal, quite distressed by the occasion, flopped back into the sea and back to its home. The group of people walked away bewildered by the strange phenomenon. Sonny could not wait to tell all of his friends about the seal. As he walked home there was a HUMUNGOUS bird flying above him that nearly knocked him over. It must have had a wingspan of about a metre! It soared through the sky at high speed and then disappeared over the horizon. Wow! Thought Sonny, I’ve met some amazing creatures today! But the bird wasn’t finished, it turned and glided back around, locked his sights and headed straight for Sonny!…

What type of bird is it? Find out next time.

Written by Lewis Hallam
Levelled up storyteller

Did you know?

Because they can spend months at sea, seals can sleep underwater. Find out more about seals from

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