The Bad Dream

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Sonny wakes from a bad dream and finds his classmates at last

Previously in Sonny the Seagull, “But how am I going to get out of here and where are my classmates? Where are my teachers?”

As Sonny emerged out of his prison he looked around. The bare grey rocks stood before him. The green slimy moss made him shiver and a peculiar but queasy sensation was coming from his stomach – danger was coming. His class was nowhere to be seen. No Jimmy, no Jerry just Ricky and Pete.

“Where did my class go?” he asked Pete. “I think they went right. No left. Oh I don’t know!” This wasn’t helping. Sonny went right, then left and flopped on his belly. BOING! He bounced off his belly and slid on some seaweed on the rock and bumped his head!

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Seagulls resting on the mossy, green, slimy rock.

Sonny panicked and shouted out, “Help!” When he looked around Ricky and Pete were gone! This was very odd. “Oh come on!” he said exasperated. Then a giant black bird swooped down and…

Sonny woke up! That was good because who knows what would have happened to him in that nightmare. Jimmy and Jerry were staring down at him. “You OK Sonny?” They asked. “Fine” said Sonny, feathers standing on end. Sally was smirking and so were all the other seagulls. It’s not funny! Remarked Sonny in a soft but stubborn voice. This turned the smirks into a hubbub of laughter as his feathers were sticking up as if he’d has a shower and then was dried with the newest hairdryer! Even Jimmy and Jerry were trying to hold back a smirk but they just couldn’t help it.

A small bird flew above him and perched on a nearby cliff. This mystery bird called out “Sonny!” quite loudly. The others were erupting into floods of laughter.

Sonny ruffled his feathers and then glanced up at the cliff again. But the little bird was gone. He just caught a glimpse of its brown beak. “What was that?” exclaimed Sonny pointing to the cliff. “Do you feel okay?” Asked Sally, as she looked up to see what Sonny was looking at, but there was nothing there but the clifftop.

“I’m okay, I’m just tired” said Sonny, “must’ve been the bump on my head as I fell.” Maybe he’d imagined it. Then he looked up at Sally, layed his head down and fell into a deep sleep. Sally looked at him a little bit worried, so she decided to stay and look after him. That night Sonny slept like a log.

But tomorrow, was another adventure…

Written by Lewis Hallam.
Budding Storyteller

Did you know?

The scientific name for the herring gull is Larus Argentatus. Larus appears to have referred to a gull or large seabird and
argentatus means decorated with silver.

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