The Flight into Danger

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Should Sonny trust Buzz or not?… There on the grey rock stood Buzz. Looming over Sonny now cowering with fear. “Hey there! I brought you some worms, thought you might be hungry.” Sonny took a cautious bite. “Um thanks…” Buzz stepped back to give the young seagull some time to … Read More

March 2019 Colouring Competition

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Monthly Seagull Colouring Competition Here’s your March 2019 Colouring Competition! You could WIN a PRIZE and CERTIFICATE! Would you like to enter the March 2019 Colouring Competition? This competition is open to all ages and due to the success of the competition going global we have now split the winners … Read More

I’m a seagull, GET ME ON TV!

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Sonny wants to be a celebrity! The two friends, Sonny the Seagull and Mickey the Magpie set off for some worms or chips or something to eat. Sonny stamped on the ground while Mickey looked for any predators, but sadly there were once again no worms. They flew along the … Read More

Foxy Feathers

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Sonny and the fox! The story continues… Sonny, the now adult seagull, was standing in his nest made out of twigs and sticks and lots of presents. 2018 Was a new year for Sonny and a whole new adventure! It would have highs and lows and in-betweens. He was looking forward … Read More