Sonny’s quest for knowledge!

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Sonny visits Alexandra Park

Previously in the Sonny the Seagull story…

The quacking continued and now the orange thing had his preying eyes fixed on Duck. Sonny thought “Oh No!!”

By now Duck had noticed the orange creature and was frantically trying to fly. As the orange creature pounced, duck got away. The creature had caught some of his feathers and was sneezing all over the place. “That was a close call” said Sonny.

The next day… Sonny felt a bit startled by the strange enemy. So as he sat in his nest looking at his map, he thought to himself, “maybe there are other creatures in the woods aside from birds?” This was true.

With new found courage Sonny became determined to find all of the creatures in the local park. He flew down to Alexandra Park and got out an old bit of paper. He decided to record his findings of creatures on there. Then ask Brian about there names. So far he had: Fox, Duck, Rabbit, and strange little Bird. Prepared, he set off on his journey through the woods.

First he came across this strange lump of mud. Sonny thought, “this must be a home of a creature!” So he found an old piece of slate and started digging into the hole. He found a small tunnel under the earth. All of a sudden, he jumped back in surprise when a black furry creature with a pink nose and red eyes popped its small head out. Sonny promptly recorded it and continued, still shaking from the ‘Jump-Scare’.

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The Eagle Owl

Then he found a hole in a tree. It was late dusk by now and Sonny was getting tired. As he nosed around the hole, prodding his beak about, two large orange eyes looked at him. He was shocked and wondered what it was, so he wrote down a description of the creature.

Sonny could barely walk by now, so flew to Brian’s nest. Brian described the furry black creature (with a pink nose) and said it was a ‘mole’, and the orange eyed creature was an ‘owl’. Sonny was quite pleased with himself. As he flew back to his nest, it was strangely empty. He pecked around but all of his shiny, precious, and valuable belongings and collected treasures, GONE! Sonny was annoyed, upset but also puzzled. “Who would do this to me?” He thought aloud.

Will Sonny find all of his belongings? Find out in the next story!

Written by, Lewis Hallam.
“Levelled-up” Storyteller

Did you know?

Eagle owls are the largest of the owl family, but they are so shy that they only come out at night and live far away in wild forests.

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