Sonny’s First Flying Lesson

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Instead of falling, Sonny really needs to learn about flying!

The strange bird looked straight at Sonny. “Hello Sonny” said the… SWAN!

“Aaaahhhhhhh!” screamed Sonny as the long necked beast flapped its gigantic wings in the grass. Scared and shocked, Sonny ran towards Jimmy, his teacher and quickly tried to tell him that there was a big, white bird with a long neck and black eyes hiding in the long grass. Still shaking he tried to show his new teacher where it was.

“What are you looking at? There’s nothing there.” said Jimmy. Sonny looked into the long grass again to find this huge bird but it had gone. “Didn’t anyone else see it?” thought Sonny, “and how did he know my name?” Jimmy stopped his thoughts by calling out loudly “Stop playing games and listen.”

“But-.” argued Sonny. “No! No buts,” said Jimmy “we need to start. OK first lesson-” he began, “flight.”


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Seagulls in flight

After one more look around for the sneaky swan Sonny decided to give up and join in with the rest of the class. “Flight” he moaned. “Great.” All Sonny had done so far was fall!

“Now, everyone pick a partner please, boy and girl only.” said Jimmy. Sonny hated this already. He wanted to fly home and eat chips all day. Looking around Sonny saw that Sally didn’t have a partner either. “Raise your wing if you don’t have a partner” caw-cawed Jerry. Both birds raised their wings. “Sally you go with Sonny.” said Jerry. “Now put one wing around your partner’s shoulder” cackled Jimmy. Both teachers seemed to find this very funny. Sonny blushed, but did as he was told.

Sally gently put her wing around Sonny. “Now flap your wings and TAKE OFF!” Jimmy and Jerry said in unison.

Secretly Sonny was very pleased to have Sally as a partner. He thought she was very pretty and just as they were about to take off Sonny took the opportunity to glance at her. But in that short moment he very stupidly found himself falling at quite a pace towards the sea – AGAIN!

He wasn’t listening to Sally’s instructions for take off. As she tried to pull him along he tripped on a pebble! Suddenly he was gripped with a scary feeling of familiarity – he was falling from the sky into the sea. In a flash Jimmy came to Sonny’s rescue and saved him from yet another plummet into the cold, deep sea below. As he touched down on the ground and looked up at Jimmy’s worried face, he thought to himself, “I think I’d better work on this flying business.” He began to worry because next time he falls, he might not be so lucky. There might be no-one there to rescue him. He felt a sudden rush of embarrassment, then he looked up and saw Sally smiling at him and trying not to laugh. “Are you OK Sonny? I could help you learn how to fly if you like? That was quite a fall!” With a puzzled look on his face Sonny replied “How do you know how to fly already? We’ve only just started learning?” Sally smiled and began to explain,“Well the reason is…”

Written by Lewis Hallam.
Budding Storyteller

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Did you know?

Seagulls are expert fliers, they have mastered control of the wind’s sharp changes, climbs and dives.

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