Sonny’s Dangerous Escape

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Sonny has another flying lesson and a turn on a surf board!

Ronnie frantically called out, “Sonny!… Sonny!” But there was nothing, only the sound of the icy wind blowing.

Unknown to Ronnie and Sonny a hawk had been circling in the sky above them with his preying eyes focussed on Sonny! Harry was his name and he was well known in this area for being a dangerous villain.

He had dive-bombed down and swept up Sonny in his tightly clenched claws. A very hungry hawk licked his beak and smiled, he hadn’t had a meal in 2 weeks! He was starving and could eat just about anything – the chick in his claws. He’d flown about 15 metres away before Ronnie spotted him. Ronnie flew as fast as he could to catch Harry but he soon ran out of breath. Then from out of nowhere a familiar black shape slowly started to approach Harry. Ronnie couldn’t quite make out the shape with the cold wind blowing in his eyes.

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Hawks have extraordinary eyesight.

Do you know who the dark hero is? The large black bird hit Harry with a ‘ravenous’ peck! Harry’s grip loosened on the chick and Sonny dropped down extremely fast. A flurry of feathers spiralled into the air. Nobody noticed Sonny plummeting down to the sea.

A nearby surfer looked up and saw the falling chick and quickly waded out into the sea. Sonny could now smell salt in the air. He squawked and flapped and his falling slowed down, but he was still close to the sea, and getting closer by the second. He shut his eyes and then landed on something bouncy, hard but soft… It was a human hand! The kind surfer must have seen the incident and waded out to catch him.

Sonny was so relieved and now shaking in the surfer’s hand. The young surfer placed Sonny on his board and waded gently back into the shore. Sonny felt so cool on the front of a surf board even if he didn’t know what was going on, it felt cool.

When they reached the shore, Ronnie greeted him with love and a nice warm hug. Sonny still shaking looked up into the sky for any sign of Harry and the black bird. Just then the black bird appeared and flew down to greet Sonny and his Dad. The black bird revealed himself as who? It was Ricky the Raven! Ronnie and Sonny thanked Ricky for saving him again and then they flew home to see Sonny’s Mum, Ann. But when they returned and squawked for her she wasn’t there. “Mum!” Shouted Sonny eager to see her and be comforted and fed. But there was no answer, Ronnie called and looked around for her. ‘Oh come on’ he thought, ‘she must be here. What is going on with this family?’ Ronnie and Sonny turned and looked at one another and at the same time they asked “Where’s Mum?”

Written by Lewis Hallam.
Budding Storyteller

Did you know?

Hawks have extraordinary eyesight. They can see eight times better than a human. The male Sparrowhawk catch small birds but larger females can catch birds up to the size of a pigeon!

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