Sonny to the rescue!

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This time Sonny is the hero

Previously in the Sonny the Seagull stories…

Did Ricky have a costume on or was it someone new??? Who was THIS mysterious bird? Find out in the next story…

The bird asked, “Are you alright?” Dazed, Sonny sat upright, he was on Hastings beach. “Who are you?” he said cautiously (just in case the bird was crazy!)

“I’m Micky the magpie, you are?…”

“Sonny” replied Sonny.

“Yes it is very ‘Sonny’ today isn’t it!” Said Micky with a chuckle.

“Really” said Sonny. “That is a TERRIBLE joke. That’s like this one, how do you get a baby astronaut to sleep? You Rocket!”

“Oh come on mine was better!” Laughed and squawked Micky. Sonny had made a new friend therefore he decided to show Micky his nest. Micky was impressed. “Nice nest you’ve got there Sonny! Oh dear! I’ve got to get back to my own nest. My chicks will be wondering where I’ve been.” So Sonny said goodbye then settled down so he could sleep.

He was awoken by a car hooter – as usual. A car had crashed into another and the siren of a police car was going off. Just then an ambulance was here as well. Sonny sat back and watched as the human was dragged into a police car and sent away to some place where bad humans go. What an early morning drama!

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Sonny the hero!

Huh! A small bird was struggling on the beach. It looked like Harry! So Sonny gently glided down to the smooth pebbles. Harry was trying to move a big stone!

“Hey Harry!”

“Help” squirmed Harry. “My wing is trapped under this rock.”

“I’ll move it” said Sonny confidently.

But the rock was too heavy. Harry explained how he had got his wing stuck and how he’d been there for 8 hours straight. Sonny felt sympathetic for Harry. “I’ll go and get some help” said Sonny and off he flew…

Sonny returned with all his friends and together they lifted the rock.

“Thank you so much!!” said Harry. Sonny felt pride that he helped Harry – along with his friends – all of a sudden a mighty wave crashed down onto the shore and made them all jump. A little box floated onto the pebbles. Sonny opened it and couldn’t believe his eyes!

What was in the box? Find out in next month’s Sonny the Seagull adventure story!

Written by, Lewis Hallam.
“Levelled-up” Storyteller.

Did you know…

Seagulls’ noisy squawks and flapping at first may appear chaotic to the human eye, but they’re part of a complex communication system designed to keep order among birds.

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