Sonny the Seagull is hatched!

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Introducing… Sonny the Seagull!

Born in Hastings, Sonny the very cute and fluffy seagull hatched out of an egg in a desolate and isolated cave hidden in a cliff. His parents, Ronnie and Anne were simply delighted to see their little chick hatch. “I think we should call him Sonny” said Anne and Ronnie happily nodded in agreement. “He’s so cute!” exclaimed Anne joyfully.
“BUUURRP!” burped Sonny as he tucked into his wormy treat. “Adorable” said Ronnie sarcastically. Sonny had never tried a worm before. He thought they were delicious until… Anne brought up more worms for Sonny. He ducked his head sideways to avoid another mouthful, he was not amused and quite full now.

He soon discovered that Hastings was full of seagulls and as he watched the others fly around in their groups, he took notice of their behaviour. They were ducking and diving in amongst hungry people shielding their lunches from these lively chip theives. They stole chips and WHOLE burgers he thought. When he was being fed by his Mum again he ducked his head sideways again and suddenly noticed a big, fat chip sitting on a rock as grey as your gran’s hair.

‘Ooh! Yum… yum…’ he thought moving his head from side to side inquistively. Then he started to edge his way along the cliff, the cold wind blew through his feathery fluff and caught him by surprise. He kept focussed on the big, fat chip that lay waiting for him like a prize for being so brave; his first prize ever.

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Sonny admiring his first big, fat chip!

He reached his goal and pecked at it eagerly before tucking into his well earned dinner. Well this was a bit different to worms brought up by his Mum he thought!

When his parents returned they noticed that Sonny wasn’t in their nest or on the nearby cliff edge at all!

“Where’s Sonny?” they exclaimed in fright!…

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Did you know?

Seagulls stamp there feet on rocks and pebbles to attract worms. Easy dinner for them! How clever!

Written by Lewis Hallam.
Budding Storyteller

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