Sonny and Micky go on a Treasure Hunt

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What’s in the box?

Previously in the Sonny the Seagull stories…

A little box floated onto the pebbles. Sonny opened it and couldn’t believe his eyes!

I bet you want to know what’s inside this little box, don’t you? So let’s find out. Sonny carefully opened the little box and inside was a Pirate’s Treasure Map! It had a large red X, some blue waves and a dotted line leading to the X. Sonny quickly said goodbye to his friends and then eagerly flew back to his nest with the map in his grasp. He went through his treasures in his nest looking for his compass. He studied the map for a few minutes, trying to determine which area the map was from. It was very old and stained and looked worn at the edges. The coastline of the land on the map looked similar to Pett Level. He already knew that this was a great place to find fossils as he’d found dinosaur teeth and bones there before. So he took a chance and flew directly to Pett Level while it was still daytime. He held the map tightly as he flew for fear of dropping it.

As he approached Pett Level beach he saw a familiar figure flying across the horizon, it looked like Micky. He must’ve been home and fed his chicks by now. Sonny landed gently on the beach, tipping his  head left to right inquisitively he looked around for any signs of treasure. The figure approached him, it was Micky after all. Sonny said “hi Micky, fed your chicks then?” Micky looked at Sonny and smiled, “yes, the wife sorted them out.” “What are you up to Sonny?”

“Oh I’m just looking for treasure actually, would you like to join me?” Sonny asked eagerly. Micky agreed in seconds “Yes please! What an adventure!” “I’ve got a map” said Sonny, “Let’s see it then, don’t be shy Captain Jack Sparrow” said Micky laughing. “You wally! I’m a seagull not a sparrow” replied Sonny. “Err? Nevermind” said a puzzled Micky. “He’s a famous pirate Sonny, the kids love him. They all dress up as him when all the pirates come to Hastings.” “Oh yes!” said Sonny still a bit dazed and confused. Nudging his seagull to wake up and smell the beans, Micky squawked “Come on then, now looking at this map, this area looks like the cliffs over there doesn’t it” and he raised his wing to point to the cliffs along the beach. “Shall we go and have a look then” Sonny answered excitedly “yes please!” The two friends hopped along the beach to the bottom of the cliffs, past the dinosaur footprint and past the slippery seaweed on the rocks.

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Micky and Sonny search for treasure!

“I do hope we see the big red cross” said Sonny. Micky stopped hopping, looked straight at Sonny and started laughing and squawking like never before. “What’s up with you?” said Sonny with a surprised look on his face. “We aren’t going to find a big red cross, that’s not how this works.” said Micky finally, after nearly bringing up his dinner from so much laughing. Sonny shouted “What? Well how are we supposed to find the treasure then?” Micky replied “the big red cross on the map only shows us where the treasure is buried and this is a very old map. This is going to take some time and possibly some study of the coastline here. It will have changed since this map was drawn, who knows, it might not even exist anymore.” Sonny flapped his wings about in panic, “but I want to find it, I love looking for treasures, it’s my thing!” Micky calmed him down. “Look, I have a friend who’s very old and she might be able to help us.” “Really?” said Sonny excited again. “Who is it?”


Find out in next month as the story continues…

Written by, Lewis Hallam.
“Levelled-up” Storyteller.

Did you know?

Some pirates didn’t bury their treasure right away because they wanted THEIR OWN share of the loot beforehand.

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