A Santa Surprise!

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Sonny tells Santa about his adventures

The story continues…

A green face with a shiny yellow beak stared back at him. “Oh hello there!” Said the creature. It looked like a bird. It had blue, green and grey iridescent feathers and a very yellow beak. “Hello from planet Earth I, am a duck…” It said in its best alien voice. ‘A duck?’ Thought Sonny. He pondered for a second. So much had happened, he thought he might just..  Pass out.

The next thing he knew, when he awoke he was in his nest that he made on a cliff as grey as your gran’s hair, in a small, wide crevice. Next to him were, beautifully wrapped presents, seven of them. There were two from Ronnie and three from Anne. One from Ricky and Harry and one from the duck. He eagerly ripped at the neatly crafted presents and took a peek. Anne had got him a dream-catcher, a fossil and a pocket watch. Ronnie had got him a map of Hastings and Bexhill, oh and a Monthly Seagull magazine! Ricky and Harry had got him a “Species of Birds” book and duck had got him a water bottle.

Sonny was so overjoyed with his presents, that he didn’t notice a large group of birds started gathering around one big seagull nearby. All he could hear was someone hollering HO-HO-HO! And throwing bags of sweets at the chicks to catch!

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Santa the Seagull

So he got up and flew gently down to see what all the commotion was about. A big seagull, with a red over-coat, a large white beard and shoes with dangling bells on them. He seemed very jolly. He said “the seagull who catches this stocking gets to tell me and the others, all about their adventures growing up”. This really got Sonny interested and he got ready to launch off. “3 – 2 – 1 – GO!” The stocking flew past his head as he bolted towards it. Sonny was quick, Sonny was smart, and Sonny was… SLIP! He came crashing down to the ground like a hurricane. But he was determined. He pushed through the others, and lobbed himself at it. “Gotcha!” He said, pride welling up in his feathers. “Sonny!” Said Santa seagull. But how did he know his name? “So what have you been up to?” He asked Sonny with a wide, beaming smile.

Sonny sat on his lap and explained… “Well! I’ve walked across a dangerous cliff, I was saved by a kind Raven, surfed across the ocean, had a lucky escape from a swan, fell over a lot and then flew. I nearly got eaten by a Hawk, hunted worms, defeated the scary Hawk, and he is now my friend by the way, and not at all scary. I had a terrible nightmare, found rare specimens of the past, I found a dinosaur and then escaped being trapped in a cave thanks to cliff erosion!” “Well!” Said Santa, “You’ve had quite an exciting journey!” Sonny nodded and turned around to the curious little faces looking at him in wonder, beaks open, eyes wide, listening intently. Sonny thanked Santa for the sweets and flew back to his nest. What a day! Sonny decided he would sleep now. Tomorrow, was a step closer to new year, and a new adventure…

Written by, Lewis Hallam.
“Levelled-up” Storyteller

Editor’s note: You’ve done an excellent job writing these stories Lewis, thank you! I am, and your family are all very proud of you!

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