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Sonny the Seagull finds a ton of FOSSILS!

The story continues…

Sonny was in a world of the past, he was searching for Dino remains and hopefully he would get lucky he thought to himself. That was… until Jimmy and Jerry caught up with him. Whoops!

“Sonny where have you been?” they questioned. “Looking for dinosaurs” replied Sonny, with a cheeky grin spreading over his ruffled face. “Stay with us!” they hollered, then flew back to the others. Reluctantly, Sonny followed them. As the teachers explained to the class about fossils and the many types they may find, Sonny looked like he had swallowed a storm.
He gazed into outer space as if he was on a completely different planet. Mars Maybe… but then he snapped out of his ‘trance’ when he heard the words dinosaur teeth! This really motivated Sonny and as soon as  Jimmy and Jerry had stopped blah-blah-ing about safety rules and cliff erosion, Sonny set off on his quest.

He searched high and low for a fossil and came across a white rounded ‘shell’, no it was more like a white coil. No?…

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“That’s an Ammonite” said Brian. (One of the very intelligent seagulls.) “Oh? It looks like a shell” said Sonny with a hint of confusion in his voice. Ammonites lived about 240 million years ago (mya) and they all died out 65 mya… Sonny had stopped listening, he wanted to find more!

Two hours later… Sonny returned with: ‘7 ammonites, 5 shark teeth, 2 dino teeth, 3 trilobite fossils, some fossilized coral, and a Pleiosaur tooth.’ As Brian called them. He was pleased with his rare findings of history.

Just then a loud rumble started coming from a nearby cliff. Stones darted down. Oh no! The cliff, was eroding…

Written by, Lewis Hallam.
Budding Storyteller

Did you know?

A fossil is formed when a plant or animal dies in a watery environment and gets buried in the mud. The soft tissues quickly rot away leaving only the hard bones or shells behind. Then over time sediment builds up over the top and it hardens into rock leaving the print of the plant or the animal inside.

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