Old Friends and New Discoveries

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Sonny makes another discovery!

Micky squawked at Sonny excitedly, “It’s a luck of the sea charm!” “What does that mean?” asked Sonny eager to know what this mysterious gem did. “Basically, when you’re out at sea, you keep this with you and you’ll be safe.”

“Cool” said Sonny – still taking all this in… “Shall we go home now then?” said Sonny.

“It would be useful” answered Micky. They flew home both full of joy, just below the golden horizon sunset. What a day! Gemstones and pirate maps! What next?

The next day, Sonny was strolling on a cliff, as grey as your gran’s hair. The day was going so slowly, really feeling every second, when he saw some very familiar birds. Ricky and Harry with Duck were all sitting on the nearby cliff of Hastings beach. Sonny flew over rapidly to show them his new gemstone, when a GIANT NOISE spooked him. He panicked and dropped it into the bushes! The loud noise was fireworks, exploding high in the sky in beautiful rainbow colours.

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Sonny and his friends watch the fireworks

Sonny, being Sonny forgot all about the lucky charm, and joined the three friends on the cliff to watch the fireworks. He had never seen something so ‘phenomenal’ in his life. Big ones, blue ones, sparkly ones, fizzy ones, boom ones, scatter ones, ones that launch themselves off the ground and glow, rockets. It was all so much! They lasted 20 minutes!

At the end, Ricky said, it was someone’s anniversary. Duck started quacking with excitement and Harry looked tired. After all, it was now 11:00 at night. Sonny all of a sudden remembered the gemstone, but couldn’t find it! There were prickly plants, spiky ones and furry ones, but no gem. There were weird stones, fossils and bits of chocolate wrapper, but still no gem.

Sonny glided home disappointed and settled down into his nest.

Only to find that when he woke, Duck was standing in front of him, holding something blue and shiny with a gold border, in the shape of an oval! “Thank you sooooo much Duck!” He squawked around in excitement! “Sonny?” he turned around to see two very familiar faces staring right back at him! Could it be? His…

…Find out in next month’s story!

Written by Lewis Hallam.
“Levelled up” storyteller.

Did you know…

The Dubai 2013 New Year’s Eve event broke records for the most firework shells launched per minute as 479,651 shells were fired in just six minutes – that’s an incredible rate of 79,941 fireworks per minute!

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