Nursery Birds

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It’s now time for Sonny to join a nursery flock and make new friends

Where had Mum gone? Looking around Sonny and his Dad saw a small note at the edge of the nest, it read:

“Dear Ronnie and Sonny,

I have gone to stay with Granny for a little while because I just can’t handle the stress of you both going missing all the time!
With love, Ann.

PS. Ronnie, try and get Sonny into one of those Nursery Flocks please.”

“Hmm, well I do know a good nursery flock” said Ronnie. “I’ll see if I can take you to Gulland.” Sonny looked and said “Why do I have to go there? Why can’t I just stay at home and eat chips all day!” Ronnie replied “because you need to learn vital skills for adulthood Sonny that’s why.”

“Nursery flocks are watched over by a few adult male seagulls and these flocks remain together until you’re old enough to breed and be a good grown up seagull.” said Ronnie tyring to make it sound fun. “Whaaaaaaat!” exclaimed Sonny in utter frustration. “I’m going to head over there now and you’re coming with me.” said Ronnie. “Fine.” grunted Sonny as he started a tantrum and a stroppy mood.

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Seagulls teach their young all the hunting skills they need for adulthood.

On the way Sonny shouted at the top of his voice, “I DON’T WANT TO GO!” Ronnie looking embarassed and tried to calm him down by saying “I know the seagulls at Gulland very well. Jimmy and Jerry are the two adults who are teaching at this year’s nursery flock Sonny, you’ll be fine.” Sonny yelled in defiance, “No! I am not going!” “Yes you are!” said Ronnie. “Now come on.”

Sonny and Ronnie flew swiftly into Gulland and landed. Ronnie started chatting to the gulls in charge, while Sonny hid behind him. “Don’t be shy.” said Jerry. “We wont hurt you.” said Jimmy. They were both massive.

Sonny stepped out from behind his Dad and then suddenly, that’s when he saw her. He had never seen anything like her before. The prettiest bird ever. Her name was Sally the Seagull. With his beak open in amazement a large drop of dribble fell out of it. “Come Sonny I want to introduce you to some gulls.” said Ronnie. With a silly smile on his face Sonny asked “Dad, can you introduce me to her please?” Ronnie dragged him away ignorning his question. “Sonny look this is Jennifer, she’s my sister!” “Hello Sonny” she said in a cheery voice. “I’ve heard a lot about you.” “Huh?” grunted Sonny (wings folded) not paying attention and looking down. Below him he saw a chip, he moved towards it quietly and quickly gobbled it down. As Sonny was eating Ronnie carried on chatting to his sister. But then it was time for Sonny to go with Jerry and Jimmy.

The nursery flock flew to an area of grassland, about sealevel. When they landed they saw a long sleek white figure lurking behind the thick grass. It’s neck was really large and as he moved through the grass he stared at the flock. Sonny looked right at him and the long necked bird looked back at Sonny with his dark eyes. “Hello Sonny” said the…

Written by Lewis Hallam.
Budding Storyteller

Did you know?

Seagulls teach all hunting skills and techniques to their young ones.

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