New Year Resolutions

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What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Here’s 10 Social Media New Year’s Resolutions that will be easier to keep than you think!


1 – De-clutter your news feeds

You don’t have to follow all accounts in Twitter to keep up to date. Consider adding accounts to a Twitter list, a separate list from the main news feed. Ah! That feels better already doesn’t it? Just read that list feed later, when you want to.

2 – Engage more

Don’t just post & switch off. Engage on other accounts and keep the conversation going on your own posts. Build on your on-line relationship and gain trust.

3 – Connect with people you meet

Don’t let those business cards gather dust on your desk or get mixed up with the loose change at the bottom of your bag. Connect on social media with people you meet at networking.

4 – Revoke & Delete Apps

Go through the apps assigned to your social media accounts and delete the ones you no longer require. Always wise to check your apps on a regular basis to check nothing has been added that you were not aware of.

5 – Sort out your friends

If you hide from Susan when you see her and her husband in the street or inwardly groan when Phil corners you at a party and talks about his car all night, then why are you ‘friends’ with them on Facebook? Quality ‘friends’ is better than quantity any day. After all, there are only so many cat memes we can purr over and dinner photos we can digest.

6 – Stop taking your phone to bed

I know you love your phone, but resist the constant temptation to check who liked and re-tweeted your last post. Being constantly connected is not helping you to relax and wind down for the night. Besides, there are much better things to be doing in bed… like read a book!

7 – Try a new social media site

There are lots of social media platforms to choose from. Pick one you haven’t used yet, or revamp one which has been uncared for, and use it for a month. It could prove more beneficial to you. You may find a whole new audience!

9 – Create an Editorial Calendar

Sit down once a week and think about your goal. What do you want to achieve from using social media? When you know what your goal is, you can start to create posts and add them to an editorial calendar to work out what you want to say & when to say it. Much more efficient and effective than leaving it to chance that you can think of something when the time comes to post.

10 – Read more

Social media is a constantly changing and evolving monster. Sometimes it plays nicely then it turns round and bites because you spent so much time playing and no time learning the rules. Try and keep up to date with the latest trends, rules and tips.

Written by,
Tracey Bartlett

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