Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

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Christmas Star Window Decorations

Some of my favourite Christmas decorations are the ones that you make yourself or with your family. These easy to make Christmas ornaments are simple yet effective tissue-paper window stars. When the sun shines through them, they look absolutely stunning, and really brighten up a room.

What you will need to make your stars:

  • Coloured tissue paper or kite paper
  • A pencil and a ruler
  • Scissors and some double sided tape

Step 1

xmake-your-own-christmas-decorations-window-star-2-jpg-pagespeed-ic-5u5juho2fbUsing a pencil and ruler, draw 8 rectangles on the tissue paper and cut them out. Make each rectangle twice as long as it is wide. Your final star will be twice the height of a rectangle. You can use as many colours as you like, like the one pictured above.

Step 2

Fold one of the rectangles in half lengthwise, and then unfold it again.

Step 3

xmake-your-own-christmas-decorations-window-star-3-jpg-pagespeed-ic-zegqvg3bukFold each of the corners into the centre.

Step 4

xmake-your-own-christmas-decorations-window-star-4b-jpg-pagespeed-ic-lgqrk0lkpsOn the right, fold the two edges into the centre line again, as if making a paper plane.

Step 5

xmake-your-own-christmas-decorations-window-star-6-jpg-pagespeed-ic-fzcozapvchOn the left, fold the corners. These little folds will make a pretty “star within a star” effect later on.

Step 6

make-your-own-christmas-decorations-window-star-5-jpg-pagespeed-ce-hwptak8wgrFold all the other pieces the same way. Turn one of the pieces over, and put a strip of double-sided tape on it. I’ve left the backing on my tape so that you can see it clearly, but obviously you should peel the backing off.

Step 7

xmake-your-own-christmas-decorations-window-star-7-jpg-pagespeed-ic-edagkquxnaPlace the piece on top of another piece. Notice that the taped edge on the pink piece lines up with the centre on the blue piece.

Step 8

xmake-your-own-christmas-decorations-window-star-8-jpg-pagespeed-ic-kd2kk6c_cgAdd the rest of pieces in the same way. Then, finish the star by taping the first and last pieces together. The easiest way is to fold back the star, put some tape on, then fold it back down.

Step 9

make-your-own-christmas-decorations-window-star-9-jpg-pagespeed-ce-ow4irem-stFinished! Visit for this and more great Christmas ideas.

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