London to Brighton Walking Challenge 2018

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Rose and I have finished our training

Walking 100km is no walk in the park, neither is NOT walking!

Rose and I have finished our training schedule with an arduous back to back 18-mile walk over a single weekend. It was harder than anticipated, completing the same distance the second day highlighting the mammoth task we have ahead. We may have underestimated the exertion of endurance walking over two days!  We didn’t smile as much as usual, but we were still talking at the end. A great sign of a good team!

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Tracey and Rose out on their last training day

Now it’s time to wait for the BIG WALK (100km Brighton to London)

At the time of writing this article…

We’re now resting in preparation for the challenge ahead and I’m getting serious withdrawal. Going from multiple walks a week then decreasing to nothing has messed with my head! I found it hard to compute why we would train like mad, walk the miles we have and then taper to nothing. Surely, we’re undoing all our tough work? Won’t our bodies suffer during the challenge without sustained walking?

Whilst pulling muscles apart to increase the blood flow, my sports massage therapist explained (though my squeals) that even Marathon runners taper, to allow themselves to heal, build strength and reserves. He proceeded to explain that my leg muscles were harder than some triathletes he treats, and most definitely needed to rest. I had better listen, I can’t risk pulling a muscle this close to the challenge. To help recovery I am eating even healthier than usual and my minimised alcohol intake has stopped altogether, to ensure I give my body the best chance I can. All sounds very boring doesn’t it? But it’s not that bad. My sleep has improved, and I am waking more alert. Whilst my body is enjoying the break, my mind isn’t!

O.M.G. It’s mentally hard not walking. I miss the one thing that I KNOW helps me to unwind and contemplate. I find strolls fantastic for reducing my daily stress and anxiety, it helps de-clutter my mind and think clearer. This past week I have found myself more overwhelmed than usual with a run of bad luck and bad judgement. Whilst walking I can switch off from everything other than what my eyes see, and my ears hear, it grounds me and keeps me sane in this technology driven world.  Not having the outlet of walking resulted in a mini meltdown this week. Without the usual channel to de-stress, my body is rebelling, so, roll on the 26th and 27th when I can resume walking… with a vengeance! Bring it on!

At the time of writing this article…

Have we or haven’t we completed the London to Brighton Challenge? That’s something you’ll find out in the final instalment next month. Wish us luck!

“Whilst walking I can switch off from everything other than what my eyes see, and my ears hear.” ~ Tracey Bartlett

Written by Tracey Bartlett.
Business Owner and Charity Fundraiser

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