London to Brighton Charity Walk

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You’re doing what?

As I sat on my folded waterproof trousers to protect myself from the cold muddy ground, I looked up and watched natures wind-chimes, as the top branches hit each other in the wind. I smiled. Not quite the same as sun light streaming through the leaves in the Summer but equally enjoyable, my soul was being fed. I felt my smile return.

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Tracey Bartlett

The last 10 miles of muddy terrain and detours (flooded fields) had left me feeling exhausted… with another 8 miles to go! Giving up and going home wasn’t an option, I was in the middle of nowhere. My walking buddy Rose and I were struggling through treacherous muddy fields, our feet slipping and sliding in opposite directions and pulling at muscles that were normally only activated in Pilates classes! Initially funny, the con-
tinuous ‘one-step-forward-and-sliding-back-two’ on the inclines were beginning to attack my mojo.

Sitting under the tree, I wolfed down my much-needed banana sandwiches, sipped hot spicy tea, and slowly started to feel some energy returning. Without the movement of walking and with the biting wind whipping around us we soon packed up and started the homeward stretch to warm up.

Lifting my rucksack onto my back, and putting Kendal Mint Cake in my pocket for later, I asked myself, just why am I putting myself through this? I couldn’t wait to finish this walk and soak in an Epsom Salt bath. The answer was what drove me to carry on.

Whilst many people were sitting in their warm homes or down their local by an open fire, we were walking through ankle deep mud, fearing that one of us would end up with a facial mud pack…  because we had the daft idea to walk from London
to Brighton to raise vital funds for Macmillan Cancer Support

This distance is the length of 2½ marathons!! Training started on January 1st and we have just 16 weeks left to get ourselves physically and mentally prepared for the tough 62 mile walk over just 2 days…

“You’re doing what!” has been cried many times since the New Year and the enormity of what we have decided to do is starting to dawn on us. This is going to be a demanding challenge. Even before starting this Charity Walk, the training is going to be tough and will take up much of our free time; thankfully I have a very supportive husband!

With so many of our friends and relatives touched by Cancer, we have seen their struggle and fighting spirit. I am going to use my own determination and find the strength to com-plete this walk, to raise funds and awareness of this wonderful charity and to honour those who have lost their fight.

Walking is man’s best medicine – Hippocrites

Written by Tracey Bartlett.
Business Owner and Charity Fundraiser

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