Let’s all go on a WORM HUNT!

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The nursery flock are learning more skills from the adults – hunting lessons

Sonny was desperate to see his Mum and Dad. Jimmy announced: “Tomorrow we will be doing some hunting. We will be looking for worms. Not chips. Not burgers. Worms.” Just then Sonny dribbled at the thought of a big fat juicy chip.

The next day, Sonny was ready to find worms. Apparently they were packed with protein. He could imagine himself as, Sonny the King of Worms; no, Sonny the Emperor of Worms. Still no. Sonny the Worm Overlord! That had a nice ring to it. However all this daydreaming had made him to lose sight of the others.

All of a sudden, he heard a PLOP!!! Urgh! What was this white and black jelly? Sonny licked it and very quickly wished he hadn’t. A large grey bird with iridescent neck feathers and a plump body perched down next to him. “I wouldn’t eat that if I were you” said the bird. “That’s my – erm – uh – whatsit, you know.” “POO!” shouted Sonny looking disgusted. “Yuck!!”

“I’m Peter, but you can call me Pete” said the happy stranger. “What are you Pete?” said Sonny. “I’m a pigeon” he replied.

“Oh. Nice to meet you Pete, I’m Sonny.”

“Ditto, nice to meet you too” said Pete.

“I’d better get back to my lesson now, sorry Pete” said Sonny and he went off to rejoin the others. Pete looked over at Sonny and lifted his wing, “bye Sonny” he warbled.

Pete made a funny sound when he squawked he thought to himself. In fact, he was discovering new birdlife all the time; it was exciting. But not the big, scary ones, they weren’t exciting, they were just scary and he didn’t want to see them ever again.

Jimmy called over to Sonny, “Sonny, nice of you to join us. What do you think we could do to catch worms?”

Sonny looked at Jimmy, then thought about Pete the pigeon and replied “We poop next to them?” Everyone giggled and looked over at Sonny who was turning apple-red with embarrassment so he hid his head beneath his wings.

“No” said Jimmy. “We stamp our feet on the rocks, this makes the worms come up to the top, then we can pull them out with our long beaks” and he showed the flock of still giggling gulls how to do it properly.

“Oh” said Sonny and with a big effort he stamped his feet on a rock. But as he did it he slipped and fell. He then found himself in a large pile of fat, juicy worms! He called out to the others, “look what I’ve found!” They all started to go over to where Sonny had fell. But just then, Sonny heard a faint voice behind him and it didn’t sound like one of his classmates. It was a whisper,

“Wow, the hawk’s bait has worked…”

“Oh no!!” thought Sonny.

Written by Lewis Hallam.
Budding Storyteller

Sonny the Seagull’s amazing adventure story continues next month.

Did you know?

dickin medal, peter the pigeon, sonny the seagull stories, monthly seagull magazine
The Dickin Medal

Pigeons have an amazing homing abilities, speed, and altitude, they were often used as military messengers for the army. Carrier pigeons of the Racing Homer breed were used to carry messages in World War I and World War II, 32 pigeons were presented with the Dickin Medal (pictured above).

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