January 2018 Winner!

A very particular man

Written by Jan Brown (aka Emily the Writer) – January 2018 Creative Writing Winner

Bennett Morley was a particular man. He sat very still at the huge oak dressing table and plucked brutally at 1 or 2 odd nose hairs which had the temerity to peep out. His fine arched eyebrows and smooth skin courtesy of GravitasMan in the Strand, but nose hair Bennett dealt with privately. Bennett didn’t really have friends, but would tell his acquaintances “the need for self control is the one thing I learned from my parents”.

Bennett Morley had been a particular child too. His mother Frances, all fluffy blonde hair and fluttering fingers, had often explained away his lack of emotion to neighbours.

“He’s very particular my Bennett, he knows what he likes.”

In the long dark winter nights the 7 year old Bennett often thought of his mother eulogising about his likes and dislikes, his thick lustrous lashes glistening with tears long after silence had descended on the school, but he learned quickly the folly of emotion.

The emotionless clear blue eyes of the 35 year old Bennett stared back at him and he nodded, acknowledging himself in the full length mirror. Grey pinstripe perfection. He had been planning this visit for a long time, going back to his old school, dreaming of the day he could walk down the long echoey corridors without fear. Bennett decided he would still avoid the North Staircase; even after all these years Piggy Wilkins was not easily forgotten.

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Grey pinstripe perfection

Bennett sat in the silver Jaguar for ages after parking, stroking the cool leather and staring at his reflection. He pictured his aged, now long departed father, making the same journey.

“Don’t leave me here father please.” Even with churning insides the young Bennett retained his manners.

“Nonsense Bennett my boy, Abbotscombe Prep will make a man of you”. His father reached through the window and awkwardly ruffled Bennett’s soft gentle curls one last time. “We’ve talked about this. Your mother has thoroughly researched everything; this is the best place for your specific needs”.

Bennett brushed imaginary specks from his immaculate suit, straightened his tie and marched through the imposing wooden double doors. The common room didn’t look that different to how he remembered it, but the clientele were from another era. He couldn’t find her at first; they all looked the same, old, watery cloudy eyes peering at him hopefully.

There she was. Her hair was still blonde but now he could now see the pate flashing obscenely through the fluff. Her fingers were trembling rather than waving.

“Hello Mother” Bennett smoothed his hand across his trim, unresisting hair and stood looking down, before finally bending towards her and aiming his right cheek vaguely in the general direction.

“How have you been?”.

Thank you for entering the January Creative Writing Competition Jan. I think readers will agree, what a gripping read this is and I’d like to know more! I hope you enjoy your £10 Waterstones Gift Voucher!


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