I’m a seagull, GET ME ON TV!

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Sonny wants to be a celebrity!

The two friends, Sonny the Seagull and Mickey the Magpie set off for some worms or chips or something to eat. Sonny stamped on the ground while Mickey looked for any predators, but sadly there were once again no worms.

sonny the seagull stories, seagull stories, sonny the seagull december 2018, sonny seagull, hastings seagulls, childrens storyThey flew along the stony beach towards the cliffs to look for any fish or chips scattered around. But none were there, so they flew to the grassy heath at the top of the cliffs and stamped their feet there. There was a sign saying ‘Beware Cliff Erosion!’ Sonny and Mickey continued there stamping. A large and sudden rumble came from beneath their feet and a large chunk of the cliff hurled itself down towards the salty sea, brushing against the lush foliage. Sonny and Mickey immediately began to flap their wings and flew back up to the cliff edge.

Still shaken by the sudden crash Sonny cautiously looked down, the beach had chalk scattered around it. There were people down below taking photos and shouting. However on the good side the sudden boom made some fat juicy worms come up from the ground, Sonny and Mickey gobbled up the worms and laid on the cliff with big fat bellies full of worms. Sonny wanted to look back over the edge to see what had happened now but nothing had changed.

Luckily nobody was hurt but TV reporters with microphones had arrived with their cameras and were filming and taking photos of the incident. Sonny and Mickey both shared a thought. They flew down onto the broken chalk and stood in front of the cameras to try to attract attention. The reporters were just talking about the incident and couldn’t care less about their arrival. So Sonny had a plan, he flew above the TV reporter and did a MASSIVE POO on his shoulder; this attracted attention!

They started squabbling about how this could ruin his career, but Sonny didn’t think that he particularity liked this surprise. He still thought it was very funny. Mickey, however funny it was, thought it was one step too far because seagulls do have a bad reputation. So the still laughing pair waddled back to their nests only to be greeted by…

Find out in next month’s adventure!

Written by Lewis Hallam
Levelled up storyteller

Did you know?

Seagull poo contains URIC ACID which can cause damage to the paint on a car! To remove the poo you could spray soda water on it until it dissolves.

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