Foxy Feathers

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Sonny and the fox!

The story continues…

Sonny, the now adult seagull, was standing in his nest made out of twigs and sticks and lots of presents. 2018 Was a new year for Sonny and a whole new adventure! It would have highs and lows and in-betweens. He was looking forward to a new year and what would happen in this time… 

It was 2 o’clock in the morning and Sonny was awoken by a loud rustling in a nearby bush. He was curious but also cautious. It was probably one of those grey things with the long ears, or another bird. He tried to go back to sleep in his cosy clifftop nest but was disturbed by the sound of footsteps and growling, and of course, more rustling. “It’s nothing” he said to himself, so many times he had lost count!! Not that he was counting anyway…

Sonny eagerly peeked down to see not a bird, not a long-eared thing, or a spiky ball with legs, but a sly thin creature padding along the grass. It was orange and white and lean. It didn’t look friendly. “Hello!” Sonny called. The creature pricked up its ears but didn’t bother to turn its head to see who it was. This creature was obviously hunting something and didn’t want to be disturbed.

Sonny could see his prey, it was a long eared thing. He heard Brian call it a “rabbit”. The orange thing was stalking it. The rabbit however was unaware. Sonny was so intent, he was leaning over the edge of his clifftop nest! Then, CRACK! A large stone gave way. Sonny was falling again. Now an adult he tried to flap his wings to fly but crash-landed in a nearby bush and closer to the orange creature. Its beady brown eyes were now fixed on Sonny ‘stuck-in-a-bush’.

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Foxy Feathers

Sonny tried to run away but his wing was caught. HEEELLLPPPP!!! He squawked in panic!

Some of the other birds were awake now and looking down to see what was happening. But by now the fox’s strong scent was crawling up Sonny’s beak and the fox’s wet nose was touching it! Sonny was doomed. “QUACK QUACK QUACK!!” The loud quacking startled the orange creature therefore Sonny could made his escape. He unhooked his wing and flew up into the sky. However the quacking continued and now the orange thing had his preying eyes fixed on Duck. Sonny thought “Oh No!!”

Find out what happens in next month’s adventure… de de derrr!

Written by, Lewis Hallam.
“Levelled-up” Storyteller

Did you know?

Foxes are nocturnal, which means they sleep in the daytime and come out at night to hunt.

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