Flying to Freedom

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At last Sonny has turned a massive corner in his life – he can fly

Sally smiled and began to explain, “Well the reason is…

…Jimmy is my Dad.” “Oh!” gasped Sonny the seagull. Jimmy and Jerry ushered Sally and Sonny to retry until Sonny got the hang of it. He was confident this time and as he turned to fly he thought about his Mum and Dad. He missed them terribly and a tear escaped from his eye as he took off. He thought about how proud Ronnie and Anne would be to see him fly. He’d only been here for a day but it felt like a week. He was oddly surprised to see the ocean beneath him and as his wings spread out, he was flying!… – with Sally of course. He’d done it. He had turned a massive corner in his life. He was free! Is it a helicopter or a plane – no! It’s Sonny the seagull finally flying. He was tired of falling all the time and needing to be rescued now its time to rescue himself!

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Photo taken by Pierre Dalous, featured Sparrowhawk in the Sonny the Seagull adventure story

He saw what he thought was a plane passing by, or was it a helicopter speeding through the clouds – no… it was a hawk that looked suspiciously familiar zooming towards him. Nothing dangerous… only a hawk! Sonny panicked and lost control as the hawk rapidly flew faster towards him. Sally saw what was going on and flew quickly towards her Dad and told them about the hawk. Jimmy searched for Sonny but couldn’t find him.

Sally became worried for Sonny knowing he’d only just got the hang of flying. “Don’t worry Sally” said Jerry. “We seagulls are tough creatures and very intelligent too, I’m sure he got away.”

He was right. Luckily Sonny had found a cave and he hid in there as the hawk flew past him and gave up. He was lucky to live. The confused hawk flew off silently leaving the rest of the nursery flock gobsmacked. Sonny came out and flew up to join them. They all greeted him with looks of pure astonishment that Sonny had never seen before. He was – popular. At last he felt as though he wasn’t different, he belonged. He couldn’t wait to tell his parents about how he flew away – by himself and without anyone needing to rescue him. He wanted to fly to them and tell them straight away.

But – the hawk was not done…

Written by Lewis Hallam.
Budding Storyteller

Sonny the Seagull’s amazing adventure story continues in the next issue.

Did you know?

A type of hawk that lives in the UK is called a sparrowhawk. They are birds of prey and if you’re lucky you might see one in your garden or in large areas of grassland. Sometimes they can be confused with Kestrels, Merlins and Goshawks (Goshawks are far more rare and very shy).

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