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Photography Competition Details

Would you like to see your photograph on the front cover of the Monthly Seagull Magazine?

Send in one of your favourite photos by email, by post or send in a selection of photographs and one of them could be featured on the front cover of the Monthly Seagull magazine! Photos appear on the cover of the printed magazines, the free digital download and they are entered into the Photography Winner’s Gallery. The winning photo is shared with our congratulations in Monthly Seagull social media networks. A credit to the photographer’s name, a full preview of the original photo and where you are from are published inside the magazine on the editor’s page and on the inside back cover.

The submitted photo must be high resolution to ensure that there is no loss of quality in the printing process. High resolution simply means that there are 300 dots per inch (dpi) on the picture. Less than this may cause pixelation and the image will appear blurred. Low resolution images are acceptable for use online e.g. 150 or 72 dpi. But for the print to appear sharp images must be 300dpi.

Terms & Conditions of the Photography Competition

Photos sent to us for the purpose of our front cover photography competition must be owned by the person sending it. Written or emailed permission from the owner of the photograph will need to be given to the sender for the purpose of this photography competition. This is simply because some photos may be subject to copyright law. If you are not the owner we will need to see a copy of the written or emailed permission for use of the entered photo in our photography competition.

The address to send postal entries to is: Cliffe Enterprise, c/o Monthly Seagull Magazine, Unit 6f Southbourne Business Park, Courtlands Rd, Eastbourne BN22 8UY.

Closing date for all entries for the April 2019 Photography Competition is: 19th April 2019.

Good luck everyone!


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