Writing Editorials

Would you like an article published in the Monthly Seagull? Stretch your imagination and passion for writing on a variety of topics, for example photography, sport, history, art and craft, music, theatre and show reviews, gardening or well-being. If you are studying a language, have experience in past trades for example how things were done ‘back in the day’. Have you had any comical and fun family adventures whilst on your travels abroad or holidaying in beautiful spots in the UK?

Every author’s name is displayed at the end of the piece, if the author has a website then that can be displayed underneath the name. If there is no website to add then the choice of one social media space can be added instead. If you are fundraising for charity and choose to write about your challenge and the charity, then your fundraising page can be added underneath your name to encourage readers to donate. If your preference is to display your name only that’s no problem.

This is an excellent way to share your interests with likeminded readers. You never know, you may end up getting a fanbase! It is so rewarding to see your written piece printed in a local magazine that’s also online and shared in social media.

Please note that editorials are placed for free, so they must be written in a topical, helpful and informative manner. Free editorials DO NOT INCLUDE advertising details about any businesses, services and products. Please supply your editorial as a text file, word document, pdf, within an email or written letter. Editorials are subject to space available each month and will be edited to fit. All editorials are much appreciated and shared.

If you are submitting photographs with your editorial

Permission or ownership of supplied photography for editorials is a must please because images may be subject to copyright law. Images that are ‘copied and pasted’ from the web cannot be used because they may be subject to copyright law.

So think about it and if you would like to write for a future issue I’d love to hear from you!