Detective Sonny

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Who would take Sonny’s things?

Previously in the Sonny the Seagull stories…

“Who would do this to me?” Sonny thought to himself…

Sonny frantically darted in and out of all the other bird nests. No-one had seen the sly creature who had nicked his belongings! None of his friends would do that!? Sonny asked Brian if he knew any types bird that stole things. He was saying about this bird called a ‘magpie’. At first Sonny thought it was a tasty dinner but it was actually a type of bird. “Magpies are known for stealing shiny things to help build their nests.” he explained. Sonny was confused as to how a bird could steal a pocket watch, or a map. Or the local magazine “The Monthly Seagull”? How would a magpie use a map to build his or hers nest? Hmm… he thought. He also asked Brian if he’d seen any nearby and what they looked like. Apparently they were black and white and had iridescent feathers. Sonny was intrigued.

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The Magpie

So he set out to find his belongings…

After about an hour or so… Sonny gave up. There was no sign of a magpie or his belongings. Sonny headed back to his nest, only to find that a few metres away, was his pocket watch. Another, few metres, his map, then his magazines, then the rest of it. He still had his fossils in his nest that he had hidden under some sticks, then no magpies would find them. Ha! So it wasn’t a magpie after all. Sally said there had been some strong winds and everything had been scattered around the cliff edge. Sonny was – relieved!

Mind, he hadn’t seen Ricky the Raven or Harry the Sparrowhawk for a while now! Where could they be? Sonny had an idea. Every time he fell off a cliff, Ricky or that random surfer would save him! Sonny walked to the cliff edge and took a giant leap… Falling and falling and a little bit more falling and Sonny had gone head first into the icy salty water. He swam upwards but couldn’t get to the surface quick enough. Then – everything went black…

Coughing and spluttering, Sonny sat upright on the hard pebbles. “What happened?” he said, then a dark hero in a cloak of black feathers stood before him. But! There were white ones too… and a shiny iridescent neck… Did Ricky have a costume on or was it someone new???

Who was THIS mysterious bird? Find out in the next story…

Written by, Lewis Hallam.
“Levelled-up” Storyteller

Did you know?

Scientists have discovered that the poor magpie, often accused of stealing shiny objects, actually don’t! In fact they don’t steal at all!

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