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How the peacock got its feathers

Written by Freya Sonne-Schmidt – January 2018 Winner 

In the beginning, the peacock, O Best Beloved, had no feathers. This presented a dilemma for the mates: it was much harder to attract a mate.

There was once a curious peacock. He asked his well-fed father why they had no tail and his dad bit him with brutal beak. He asked his turquoise mother what had made her marry dad and his mum bit him with her big, big beak. He asked his Albino aunt why worms tasted just so and his Albino aunt bit him with her broad, broad beak. He asked his unwilling uncle why the colourful, civilized, contented Cotra Do bird was always so clean and his unwilling uncle bit him with his stinky, stinky beak. But he still hadn’t asked what lived in the Fascinating, Freezing, Frightening Langsa forest. When he voiced this unsurety, all his family bit him harder than ever.

Soon after, he was practicing his strut, when a colourful, civilized, contented Cotra Do bird flew down and perched on a nearby Capi tree. He asked it what lived in the Fascinating, Freezing, Frightening Langsa forest and, instead of biting him, the colourful, civilized, contented Cotra Do bird said “Look for yourself”. So the peacock set off, eating grubs and worms all the while pretty peacocks pulled disgusting faces at him.

Eventually, after many long days of walking, the Fascinating, Freezing, Frightening Langsa forest came into view. There was a carrot-
parrot just outside. The peacock ignored it and walked casually through the Fascinating, Freezing, Frightening Langsa forest, completely forgetting about its name.

After an hour or two, he came across a large clearing. So far, he had not seen anything except a wide variety of trees and plants, nothing else. But now, O Best Beloved, he saw, parrots, tigers, salga (a now extinct bird) and an array  of fish in a sapphire pond. However, there was one creature the curious peacock had not spotted, high up in the treetops. They were an army of squirrels. An army of squirrels who wanted to scare away this new-comer. As quick as a flash, the squirrels drew their oak bows and fired the feathers at the peacock. They hit him in the tail. He fled.

That carrot-parrot was still there! Annoyingly, it flew over and sat on his back. The peacock tried to bat it away, finding he could.

“Advantage 1, you couldn’t have done it without those beautiful feathers.” Still the carrot-parrot followed. Instead of pulling disgusted faces, all the females looked impressed.

“Advantage 2, you couldn’t have done that without those beautiful feathers.”

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O Best Beloved

When he got back to his family, the males were so fascinated, they went, one by one, to the Fascinating, Freezing, Frightening Langsa forest to get feathers for themselves. And that, O Best Beloved, is how the peacock got its feathers.

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