It’s nearly time for another school holiday so have you got your fortnight planned yet? I do hope this glorious sunshine beaming through my window continues.

If you have loads going on, including juggling work days, which so many of us do, I’ve included a handy calendar page in the April issue so that you can write down the events, play dates that you don’t want to miss (see pg 8). Keep your magazine in your bag because it’ll be handy to make notes too.

You’ll see from our free local events guide (pg 26) there are so many enjoyable family activities to do in April to interest all ages. If you like art, there’s always the colouring competition, which this month is a beautiful Fabergé style egg, (pg 22, plus there’s a great fun fact about Fabergé there too!) or maybe give the crossword a go (pg 28) when you cunningly snatch a quiet tea break; well there’s always the shed to escape treading on Lego!

Read about the local ‘Get Hastings Reading’ event, lots of local school children had fun with authors Greg James and Chris Smith. It was a great success and the children had a great experience, (pg 6).

Don’t forget there are also even more interesting events advertised in the magazine, there are some great local discounts such as Knockhatch, (pg 27) they’re offering 20% off with their advert! So there’s no excuse and if you hear “I’m bored”, hand them the washing bin!

Samantha Hallam.

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Colouring Competition Winners

Congratulations to Under 12s Winner; Erica Low Sin Mun from Malaysia, who is 11 years old, Teenagers Winner; Kyahna Wendland from Canada who is 13 years old and Adult Winner; Hannah Gosden, from the south coast of England. Thank you all for entering the March ‘Colouring Competition’. Prizes and personalized certificates have been sent out to you all and we hope you enjoy them. To see all of the Winner’s Artworks please click on our Monthly Seagull ‘Winner’s Gallery’. Also thanks must be said to all entrants across the world who are sending in such wonderful work. We were amazed at SO MANY talented artist’s work.

Photography Competition Winner

The April 2019 ‘Cover Shot Winner’ is Peter Wilson! Again!! Congratulations Peter and thank you so much for sending in your photos. We hope you enjoy seeing your beautiful photo on the front cover of the April 2019 magazines, in social media channels and the credits showing your name and your photo on the inside. Peter’s photo is now on display in the ‘Photography Winner’s Gallery’.

If YOU are a keen photographer and would like to enter, please feel free to send your photo to us for the photography competition. Your photo could be featured on the cover of this popular local magazine, in print and online, in social media channels and with a copy of your original photo and a credit to your name on the inside! It’s a great keepsake.

Advertise Your Business, Event or Charity

If you would like to advertise your business services, promote events or raise awareness to your charity then please contact us. For an additional fee you can have your advert designed by our experienced professionals. Alternatively you can email us with your own print-ready artwork. All artwork sent to us is proofread, checked and prepared for print purpose. We always work to ensure that you receive a welcoming and professional service with the emphasis on quality to promote every business that works with us. Advertising is displayed in the printed issues, published online AND shared in social media networks with links to the customer’s business pages.

How Do I Book Advertising Space?

Click on VISIT THE SHOP or ADVERTISE. Select your required size, choose the duration of the advert and here you can also include any special instructions; e.g. “I will be emailing my own artwork” or “could you design an ad for me?” Lastly you will be directed to complete a short form to give us your details and finally you will be directed to make your payment to complete your booking. Are you ready to BOOK YOUR SPACE?

Don’t forget if you use one of the businesses featured in the magazine, or if you attend one of the events it’s always helpful for all concerned if you mention that you saw them in the Monthly Seagull Magazine.

Where can I get my printed copy?

Here’s a detailed list of outlets where you can pick up your printed copy. If the outlet has run out, because they do disappear fast, feel free to let us know and we’ll make every effort to replenish the venue.

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