Hello readers,

After the sudden bereavement in my family last month I have decided to step away from publishing any further magazines for now.

I have loved every minute, every delivery, every late night, helping people, businesses, charities, event organizers, colouring competitions, photos, pets, everything!!

It is with a very heavy heart that I must take time away to collect myself and my overwhelming thoughts about my brother and think about how I am going to go forward.

Hug your loved ones, call your family members, meet up for any reason, but just be together. Make the most of every day. 

Samantha Hallam.

Colouring Competition Winners

Congratulations to Under 12s Winner: Rebecca Tambunan from Indonesia, 10 years old, Teenagers Winner: Skyler Basco from New York and Adult Winner: Goh Siaw Phing from Malaysia. Thank you all for entering the May ‘Colouring Competition’. Prizes and personalized certificates have been sent out to you all and we hope you enjoy them. To see all of the Winner’s Artworks please click on our Monthly Seagull ‘Winner’s Gallery’. Also thanks must be said to all entrants who have sent in such wonderful work. It has been such a pleasure to encourage art and creativity and build an amazing gallery of work from SO MANY talented artists across the world.