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Some seagulls can be so angry!

Sonny rubbed his eyes in disbelief, after all this time, his parents were there, right in front of him! “MUM, DAD!” Sonny exclaimed, and gave them a nice warm hug. He showed them his gemstone, his fossils, he introduced them to his friends – he was so excited he thought he might just pass out! (Luckily, he didn’t.) They had a long chat about his adventures and when it was time for them to leave, he waved his wing and wondered “I wonder when I’ll see them again?”

Sonny honestly didn’t know, all he knew was that his foot was stuck in between the sticks of his nest. He struggled, then soon toppled over and head first into his fossils! As the beautiful golden sun started to set into a fiery red, he lay there, thinking to himself, what should I do tomorrow?

The next day… Sonny woke with a start. A new day, what adventures will he have today? Rrrrrrrgggggg went his stomach. Time to eat he thought. He fluttered down onto the rocks and stomped onto the ground to try and bring up some worms but nothing happened. He tried again in a different spot, nothing. Sonny was starving. Where were all of the worms?

Then he noticed an open chip box with about 20 chips in! He dashed in a blur over to it and as soon as he landed down and opened his beak, a huge flock of sea gulls much bigger than him swooped down and ate all of the chips! “Hey mate, this is our territory now so scram!” said the biggest one, a bit nasty. Sonny thought, “there’s no need to be so aggressive! What a bully.”

“I’m hungry and I got here first” answered Sonny nervously. “So?” argued the biggest seagull. “This is my territory.”

Being a lot bigger than Sonny, the biggest one puffed up his chest and let out a mighty screech! “CA-CAW-CA-CAW” and with that noise Sonny obviously knew they meant business but bravely didn’t back down.

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They all strutted towards him like moving skyscrapers, wings flapping and beaks open and squawking, Sonny had no choice but to fly away or they could hurt him. This was nothing like when Harry tried to get to him, this was a lot worse he thought.

On his flight he noticed another, bigger chip box and with way more chips! He swooped down quickly and looked around. No-one there. So Sonny tucked into his well-earned meal. What a day! BUUUURRPP!! “Pardon me” he said to himself. “Pardon you indeed…” said a voice. “Huh? Who was that?” thought Sonny, he turned around and GASPED!!

“NO it can’t be?…” Find out in next month’s exciting adventures of Sonny the Seagull!

Written by Lewis Hallam.
Levelled up storyteller.

Did you know…

Seagulls may not be angry… just misunderstood, read this article from the BBC.

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