Sonny’s quest for knowledge!

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Sonny visits Alexandra Park Previously in the Sonny the Seagull story… The quacking continued and now the orange thing had his preying eyes fixed on Duck. Sonny thought “Oh No!!” By now Duck had noticed the orange creature and was frantically trying to fly. As the orange creature pounced, duck … Read More

Foxy Feathers

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Sonny and the fox! The story continues… Sonny, the now adult seagull, was standing in his nest made out of twigs and sticks and lots of presents. 2018 Was a new year for Sonny and a whole new adventure! It would have highs and lows and in-betweens. He was looking forward … Read More


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Was this the end of Sonny the Seagull? The story continues… “Take cover!” Shouted the J-Birds (Jimmy and Jerry) everyone’s faces were panic-stricken and were squawking around. They tried to get through to them but nothing happened. Sonny, didn’t hear. He was in a world of the past. Humming a … Read More

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