Bonfire Night!

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Sonny enjoys the bonfire!

That was close! Sonny struggled against the wind, the waves and the stones but it was no use. Then Ricky shouted ”Sonny! Swim through the rocks!” The water was up to his neck now and he could only just breathe. Sonny had never swam before, but now it looked like the time to try.

He dived under and flapped his wings about to try and get some speed, but the bag was snagged on a bit of metal!, he came up for air, but there was none! He was flooded in! Ricky looked in the sea-flooded rocks and looked down in despair. Sonny quickly felt around for an opening. Yes! There was a slanted rock but with the tide coming in, he had to be fast, he scrambled onto the slanted rock and got a massive gasp of fresh air. He flew out with Ricky’s trick or treat bag. “Oh My!” said Ricky you nearly died just trying to get my sweets! “Thanks SO much!” thanked Ricky.

“It was nothing.” replied the brave Sonny.

“So where to now?” he said after he got his breath back.

“Onwards” said Ricky. Sonny flew gently back to his nest, adrenaline still pumping through his body from the close escape. As he shut his eyes, he could hear a robin chirping. “Sonny!” The chirping turned to shouting “SONNY!” Sonny got up and looked around “Ricky? Is that you?”

“No silly. It’s me.”
“Who’s ‘me?”
“Oh? What is it, it’s like 10pm or something.”

“Bonfire night, come on!” Sonny walked over to the tree Robin was sitting on and flew silently up there. “Oh my…” A giant fire was burning in the middle of a field, Sonny flew over there shivering in the cold night wind. A little statue of a man was sitting on top of the fire heap strapped with dynamite. “That guy needs rescuing.” Robin said “NO!” it’s only a statue, its not real. By now the heat had caught up with them and Sonny’s little face was red hot.

bonfire night, fireworks, firework night

There were people dancing and singing and shouting and eating. There was music and those colourful firework things. Sonny stayed a little while but his eyes were sore because he was tired, by now Robin had flown home because it was getting late. Sonny was so tired, that with legs bent underneath him he went to sleep on the grass! However, when he woke, he was back in his nest all curled up, Micky was next to him with a bag. “Come on, let’s go and get some breakfast. Sonny got up and stretched. OK lets go…

Written by Lewis Hallam.
Levelled up storyteller.

Did you know?

Fireworks have been around for hundreds of years and believed to have been invented by the Chinese. The first being a fire-cracker to ward off evil spirits!

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