Pet of the Month!

Who is the May 2019 Pet of the Month? Well this month… it’s BAILEY from Bexhill! Each month the Monthly Seagull Magazine features a ‘Pet of the Month‘ and this month we have featured ‘Bailey’. Our thanks goes to Caroline. Bailey is 6 years old and likes his ball and cheese. … Read More

Taff’s Groom Room

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Meet Stephanie Smith Stephanie is the local business owner of Taff’s Groom Room offering professional dog grooming services, plus she’s a dog owner and dog lover too. Steph’s aim is always to make both you and your dogs feel welcome and at ease. She offers a one-to-one grooming experience in a home environment … Read More

Are your pets prepared for fireworks?

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FIREWORK NIGHT Are you and your dogs or cats prepared for fireworks night and the fast approaching festive season? Many pets struggle at this time of year with noise sensitivities and subsequently owners can find these annual events quite stressful too. It seems we have more than most in Hastings! … Read More

Travelling with your pet

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Going on holiday with your dog? If you are planning a trip to Europe this Summer, will you also be travelling with your pet dog? The PETS Travel Scheme was introduced back in February 2000 and is governed by DEFRA. If you fail to follow the rules then you may be … Read More

Caring for your rabbit

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Keeping pet rabbits Rabbits are rewarding and popular pets.They can become part of the family but, as sensitive animals, they are best suited to teenagers and adults. Children should only look after rabbits under parental supervision. Rabbits like companionship and prefer to live in pairs. Feeding your rabbit Hay or grass … Read More

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