February 2019 Colouring Competition

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Monthly Seagull Colouring Competition Here’s your February 2019 Colouring Competition! You could WIN a PRIZE and CERTIFICATE! Would you like to enter the February 2019 Colouring Competition? This competition is open to all ages and due to the success of the competition going global we have now split the winners … Read More

The Northern Frights

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Who was this huge, scary creature? The bird was not done… As it turned around and looked at Sonny it let out a massive CAW-CAW!!! Sonny was frightened by this monstrous beast. As if one beast was enough for today. The bird swooped, dived and landed, quite gracefully actually. “Hello … Read More

Pet of the Month!

Who is the February 2019 Pet of the Month? Drum roll please… it is ARCHIE from Hastings! Each month the Monthly Seagull Magazine features a ‘Pet of the Month‘ and this month we have featured ‘Archie’, kindly sent in by Diane and Jerry from Hastings. Archie is 5 years and 8 … Read More

Photography Competition Winner’s Gallery

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Photography Competition Winner’s Gallery Cover Shot Winning Photograph taken by Chris Bennett from Hastings! The winning photo was taken by Chris Bennett from Hastings. Thank you for sending in such a beautiful photo! Chris’s winning photo is printed on the front cover of the February 2019 issue and it appears on … Read More

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