Meet and Match Community Project

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Meet & Match With the season of goodwill coming up, it seems a befitting time to talk about our community-led programme called Meet & Match. This is a scheme, funded by the Tudor Trust, to encourage more people to help out in the community, designed particularly for those who may not … Read More

Puzzles December

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December Crossword Solution Thank you for visiting the Monthly Seagull Magazine website to check your answers against the December Crossword Solution shown below. We hope you enjoyed completing it? If there are any puzzles that you really enjoy and would like to see in future issues of the Monthly Seagull Magazine, … Read More

I’m a seagull, GET ME ON TV!

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Sonny wants to be a celebrity! The two friends, Sonny the Seagull and Mickey the Magpie set off for some worms or chips or something to eat. Sonny stamped on the ground while Mickey looked for any predators, but sadly there were once again no worms. They flew along the … Read More

December 2018 Colouring Competition

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Monthly Seagull Colouring Competition Here’s your December Colouring Competition! You could WIN a PRIZE and CERTIFICATE! Would you like to enter the December 2018 Colouring Competition? The competition is open to all ages and due to the success of the competition going global we have now split the winners into … Read More

Pet of the Month!

Who is the December Pet of the Month? Well this month there are two, Amber Lou Lou and Tilly T! Each month the Monthly Seagull Magazine features a ‘Pet of the Month‘ and this month we have featured both Amber Lou Lou and Tilly T. Amber is 12 years old and … Read More

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