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When is your birthday?

You can find out which precious stone represents your birth month from the list below. Each birthstone has a meaning and they are different colours. Following on from July’s Sonny the Seagull story, ‘X Marks the Spot’, these precious stones would have been found in pirate’s buried treasure chests too.

Month, birthstone and their meanings

January – Garnet – Faith, Loyalty

February – Amethyst – Sincerity, Peace

March – Aquamarine – Courage, Happiness

April – Diamond – Eternity, Love

May – Emerald – Happiness, Loyalty

June – Pearl – Purity, Nobility

July – Ruby – Strength, Beauty

August – Peridot – Protection, Success

September – Sapphire – Wisdom, Serenity

October – Opal – Hope, Creativity

November – Citrine – Friendship, Healing

December – Blue Topaz – Trust, Luck



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