A Seagull Search

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Sonny was so worried…

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Sonny looked everywhere in the long tall grass. Sally was not here. She had either ran off from the buzzards or went to find food. He circled the air and looked into the horizon. The red scorched clouds loomed around him. He flew directly away from the long grass by the river and looked around in the nearby farm. But nothing. He spoke to local birds and creatures, of all shapes and sizes, but none of them had seen Sally? “She may have gone home” thought Sonny and flew slowly back to his cliff.

It would take a couple of days to get home at least, regarding the weather. As the night drew near Sonny’s feathers bristled in the cold wind and he started to fall asleep! He flew down gently onto a house chimney and rested there for the night.

Sonny awoke by a grasshopper chirping in the grass below. “Could you keep it down please!” The grasshopper stopped. Sonny settled down to sleep again. A large THUD bellowed into Sonny’s eardrums. He opened his eyes. Two large black eyes stared back at him. An owl stared at him scratching its talons on the grey tiles of the roof.

“Have you seen a seagull recently?” asked Sonny.

The bird answered “Hoo”

Sonny continued “Her name is Sally”

“Hooo” said the bird again.

“Do you say anything other than “who?”

“Hooooo!” said the bird again.

Sonny sighed in disbelief and went back to sleep. The owl continued scratching the roof and then flew off into the night leaving only the scratch on the roof tiles. Sonny awoke and looked around, the owl was gone but there was a word on the tiles. It read ‘emoH’. Sonny said “crazy bird” and then he realised he was reading it upside down! He re-adjusted and it now read ‘Home’. Sonny flew back to his nest and arrived there to see nothing or no-one. After six hours of straight flying Sonny was pretty tired and collapsed on his nest and slowly drifted off to sleep again.

He dreamed of giant chips dancing around his head and an island full of worms with fish and mice everywhere!

Suddenly he heard shouting “Sonny! Sonny! SONNY!” Sonny woke up and saw another seagull staring down at him. It was Sally! “Where have you been, me and my friends have looked everywhere for you, I thought you were eaten by Buzz!”

Everyone was there, Ricky, Mickey, Duck, Robin all of them. “I was looking for YOU!” Sonny exclaimed.

Finally reunited with his friends, they all sat on the cliff as grey as your gran’s hair and watched the visiting red arrows and other planes whizz around in the air.

Sonny looked into the golden sky in wonder. He didn’t know what the future would bring.


Written by Lewis Hallam
Levelled up storyteller

Fun Quote to Remember

“Life is beautiful. It’s about giving. It’s about family.” – Walt Disney.

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