Sonny found a dinosaur!

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Our adventurer uncovers an iguanodon footprint over 125 million years old!

And another adventure it was!

Sonny was going to start an adventure on… Collecting leaves! What better time to do it than the beginning of Autumn!

He plodded around and found a large brown leaf. Oh… And a red one and another brown leaf. But hang on, that brown leaf just moved. “Oh?” Thought Sonny. He went to pick it up and it flew off!

Just then, Sally appeared, “that ‘leaf’ was a sparrow Sonny, not a leaf!” She said in her ‘as-a-matter-of-fact’ voice. “Oh” thought Sonny. Sally flew off in somewhat of a huff.

“Hi Sonny” said a squeaky voice. Sonny looked up quickly as a flourish of red – that lovely little bird he’d seen before – flew off into the trees. What was that? Thought Sonny. He continued to look around for it and say hello. It was so small, he could hear it chirping but he lost sight of it. “If you’re there” he said, “hello?” But there was no answer.

As Sonny rejoined the others, Jimmy and Jerry were talking but he couldn’t hear them so he decided to pick up his leaf collection and laying beside him on the rock was some seaweed that looked interesting too, then… While trying to pick it up he slid on the seaweed and ended up losing his balance. He ended up with seaweed all over him and looked a bit like a sea zombie. But underneath all that seaweed he had discovered a large footprint on the rock. Sonny found a dinosaur footprint!

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Sonny finds a dinosaur footprint that’s over 125 million years old!

Very soon Jimmy and Jerry and gathered round the rock. That dinosaur print was that of an iguanodon and it was made about 125 million years ago! Thanks to Sonny, the next lesson was to be an exciting one.

Jimmy and Jerry were proud of this small bird who was sometimes troublesome, but has grown into an extreme adventurer. They announced to the class, “Our next lesson is… Fossil hunting!” Everyone cheered and whooped, everyone that is apart from Sonny. He was already gone and on his next adventure. Forgetting that he had to stay with his class he had wandered off. He was so excited to find the dinosaur print that he wanted to find out more about these creatures that lived millions of years ago.

This day was going to be fun, remarkably fun, that was until Jimmy and Jerry caught up with him…

Written by, Lewis Hallam.
Budding Storyteller


Did you know?

Dinosaur footprints and fossils can be found throughout the rocks at Fairlight and Pett Level! A number of well preserved dinosaur footprints have been found there including the iguanodon and teeth, jaws, ribs and other bones too. If you go to see them, please don’t try to damage them, they’ve been there for millions of years and need to be protected.

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