Trick or Treat

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Trick or Treat means it’s nearly Halloween! SWAN! Again! He hadn’t seen that sneaky swan for years and there it was, looking down at him, but what the swan didn’t realise was that Sonny was much bigger now and just had to squawk to spook the swan, the swan finally … Read More


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Some seagulls can be so angry! Sonny rubbed his eyes in disbelief, after all this time, his parents were there, right in front of him! “MUM, DAD!” Sonny exclaimed, and gave them a nice warm hug. He showed them his gemstone, his fossils, he introduced them to his friends – he … Read More

Old Friends and New Discoveries

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Sonny makes another discovery! Micky squawked at Sonny excitedly, “It’s a luck of the sea charm!” “What does that mean?” asked Sonny eager to know what this mysterious gem did. “Basically, when you’re out at sea, you keep this with you and you’ll be safe.” “Cool” said Sonny – still taking … Read More

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